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Understand the payment instruments

There is no Free lunch in the corporate world, but a brutal circle of payments. A client cannot purchase “something for nothing,” and businesses are all about the circulation of payments. One owner pays for the services of his employees and the materials by vendors. The vendor makes that payment to another business entity, so […]

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Common Import Export Documents ali iftikhar the food trade hub

Common Import / Export Documents

Start your day with Continental breakfast, Moroccan Couscous for the Lunch Hour, and finish off with a Chinese take-away for Dinner. Everyone fancies a versatile food-day. In today’s global world, people want to relish food items from all around the world. They like to share their mealtimes on Social Media, create small digital stories with […]

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How to mitigate currency risks during the COVID19 ali iftikhar the food trade hub

How to mitigate currency risks during the COVID- 19 crisis

World economics is rapidly changing around the globe because of the on-going COVID19 crisis. Currency rates are fluctuating rapidly and creating global unrest. Many countries and experts have sat together in dismay to work out the solutions to the resultant economic crisis. Currency risks during the COVID-19 crisis are alarming. Only recently, the world economy […]

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